Ohhhh, nobody else has offered to help me with my stupid plan to rewrite time, which is never a good idea! Never! And ohhhhh, oh, I would love to help you, I like to make others suffer and I blow up cities. Can you get over yourselves, please, ‘kay, thanks?? I can only listen to this without getting huffy about it for so long! And I have. Crossed. That point. 

You messed up, Ryota, but, you know what? Mistakes happen. They really do. I don’t know the full story, so I can’t rant too much about this, but, come on! Re-writing time to fix up your mistake. You just- that’s selfish and I will stick with that until proven otherwise. Not like pokemon don’t die everyday, either. Even legends. None of us are exempt, ‘cept maybe Arceus, and there are still ways to keep the creator of all from ever showing up again, as our darkrai was oh so kind to remind us of.

And, you! For shame, Skittles. You say you’re dad’s a giratina, but, here you are, messing with the mortal realms, probs causing hella damage in the Distortion Realm. I’m sure that’s really appreciated. 

At the very least, slow down and just think things thought! One hundred years of thinking isn’t going to kill you- okay, well, it might kill Skittles, thpth, mortal things, they are complicated, but, just… hhhhfh,

Though you make some good points we all have to do what needs to be down for ourselves. You seem to already know this. If you needed help with time and stuff you just needed to ask. As long as your plans don’t interfere with mine it’s not that big of a deal to rewrite some moments in time. Blowing up about what’s going on isn’t going to change anything.

The war…sounds fun. Looks like we get first seats to another “necessary” bloodbath. I can’t wait to see what these fools do. Kekekeke honestly I’d side with whomever seems the most powerful, but it’s too bad that I’m still looking for that varja. With help from Skittles things should move along fine.

Before you go on with your rant, remember, If you decide to impede on my plans I have no problems fighting you in order to win. Remember that. 

I ‘m against others who won’t do what it takes to get what they want or rectify situations at any cost. It’s made me some enemies but Skittles…she’s a ‘mon after my own heart in getting to her goals. Which happen to fall along the lines of total and utter mayhem and destruction. Guess that includes the humans.

Well, well. What a pretty miss with lovely tendrils. 

You’re the first to offer assistance in my plan. Everyone else here is too weak and has been trying to talk me out of it. Glad to know that not everyone in this era is that dumb.

You seem the type to know many things or are able to find information. If you’re serious in aiding me…I am looking for a varja. It’s a trinket that cylindrical in the center with a Zekrom design in it. On the two ends it looks sorta like carved spheres. 

You don’t need to get it, but if you could find out where it is it would be a great help. Of course you wouldn’t go unrewarded. The thing is made out of gold and I can always get you more if you like.

So usually we concentrate the energy around ourselves right? That way we can just -poof-, right? Well I started to think…what if  you took the energy and focused it on someone else? Would they travel through time on their own? Turns out. I was right. I learned that when we create those portals in time a huge amount of energy is released! The energy of time itself. Being the time Pokémon that we are the energy is attracted to us and helps keep us alive…but what about the energy created by others? I began to wonder what would happen if a Celebi absorbed the energy of another…turns out…we can take the time that they would have lived and rejuvenate ourselves.  

I should know. I’m called “the Time Eater” for a reason. I absorbed the entire lifespan of a friend…a very dear friend.

…Well…that was more than what you asked. You got an explanation of my powers and a lot of my backstory. I hope you’re happy. It’s what you asked about in the first place.

Even if I could that would mean I would be training them and not myself. I need to be at my strongest when Ryota makes his move. 

Taki! It's nice to meet you; I've got something for Jiro, but I can't manage to find him...((gives Taki a basket of various fruits)) Say, what is this Clan you speak of?

I’ll be sure to give these to him.

As for your inquiry about the clan…well if I told you I’d have to kill you. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

So, Tahki, how do you know Jiro?

I was injured during a mission. I was a Frogadier at the time and was hit with an Energy Ball. Jiro was kind enough to shelter me and nurse me back to health.  If it wasn’t for him I could have been captured by the enemy and therefore killed by them or my own clan in order to preserve the secrets that we hold. It’s not a story I’m proud of since I needed rescuing, but Jiro was and still is a saint to me.

Jiro: Taki, I thought you were going to be training for your missions?

Taki: That’s said and done. I already did my mission as repayment to the clan for training me. I am now free to do as I wish.

Jiro: You chose to come back here? You never enjoyed the solitude of the temple.

Taki: There’s other things to come back for.

Jiro: Hmmm…If you say so. Sorry Zahra, it looks like I won’t be alone here anymore now that Taki has returned.

-Taki is open for questions-

You’re an interesting colored Aipom. 

There’s always something that will go wrong. No action goes unpunished. Good or bad someone always suffers. As long as that person is no longer myself or her I really don’t care.